Original announcement cards
Original announcement cards

Whether for wedding, baptism or indeed birth announcement cards, Badgy is a quick and simple solution for successfully producing your invitation or celebration cards at a stroke.
We have created several example cards for you to use or to help you create your own.


Available from the Badgy card library in Office Card format, you can also find card backgrounds to download from the image gallery to enable you to recreate your own badge using software of your choice.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

About Badgy

BADGY is the solution to help you create, print and personalize your cards and badges.
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Original announcement cards

  1. Jone Nick says:

    Member ship cards are assigned by any club, shopping mall, store, gym to reuse the services of that club,store or mall etc. when any person goes to he store a discount cab be provided.

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