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BADGY is the solution to help you create, print and personalize your cards and badges.

Tips for the creation and management of student cards
Tips for the creation and management of student cards

Student cards are part and parcel of life for both pupils and non-teaching staff in schools.
Indeed, these student cards are not just used to secure concessionary prices at cinemas and museums. They are also an important way of identifying everyone present in a school – pupils, teachers, senior staff and even visitors. Knowing who is in a school is primordial to guaranteeing people’s safety.
By facilitating identification of all these people, the Badgy solution will be a true ally – as it will in the creation and production of all your badges.
Here are a few recommendations for the creation of your badges:

  • Integration of a name and photo:

Student cards and employee cards should include a fairly big photo of the individual, as well as their forename, surname and the section to which they belong. Thanks to the inclusion of these elements, it will be quick and easy to see whether students and staff are really supposed to be within the school buildings.

  • One colour code per category, class, level or building:

Another tip which makes it easy to identify the individuals within an establishment is to use colour codes according to the type of people. This enables visual identification of the student’s year group, or whether someone is a visitor or member of the non-teaching staff. Where access is restricted, colour codes can quickly indicate which buildings people have access to.

  • Create visitor badges:

Identification of visitors is an important aspect in guaranteeing the safety of a school;
To do this, we recommend the creation of an easily-recognisable design for the identification badges of your students and employees. A ‘V’ for Visitor, covering most of the card’s surface will allow you to instantly identify the presence of a visitor.

  • Next, the challenge is to encourage everyone to wear their badges.


Make it useful for another application – such as the library, canteen or conferences, for example.

Our team of experts is available to offer guidance and support in the production of your badges.

Ask information about the BADGY card printer

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Security company, professional card required
Security company, professional card required

NPS 49 is a security and remote monitoring company. Their main activity involves monitoring remote construction sites like highways and bridges.
Since 2009, security guards are required by law to wear ID badges (Decree No. 2009-137). Guards must show authorities or clients a badge with their full name, photo, professional ID number and the name and official authorization of their employer.

How did they go about complying with the law?

At first they used laminated paper cards printed one at a time on demand. Then they went with the Badgy card printing solution. With Office-Card, the card printing software supplied with the printer, they add the names and identification of all the security guards. Depending on the site where the guards are working, they can change the background photo on the badge to correspond to their clients. This way, they always know which guard is on which site.

Find out more about BADGY card printer

Mr. Beaucourt, CEO of NPS49 explains here how did they do to print the ID badge for their employees.

This video is in French. For subtitles, click on “play”, then click the “cc” button and choose your language.
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Publish your membership cards – it’s child’s play!
Publish your membership cards – it’s child’s play!

The sports season has just ended – time to prepare for the next one. We have met several sports clubs which were struggling to print membership cards because neither their equipment not their method was up to the task. For an end to membership cards printed on paper, which then has to be plasticised and cut out one by one, the Badgy printer is THE best solution.
It produces membership cards which are strong and have a professional finish, to reflect your club’s image.

The Badgy team is at your disposal for any further information you may require, or to help you create your membership cards.

Ask information

Visit the Badgy site to find out more about printing cards with Badgy.


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Cleaning your card printer: why this quick, simple process is important
Cleaning your card printer: why this quick, simple process is important

Cleaning your card printer is quite simply essential to keeping it in good working order. Evolis recommends cleaning your Badgy printer each time you change the ribbon.

Why is it so important?

The print head is an extremely delicate component of the card printer, and is subject to wear. All clerical environments are subject to dust, to a greater or lesser extent. The lifespan is likely to be shortened if the printer or the print head operate in a polluted environment. The printer and cards are constantly exposed to dust. Failure to clean a printer risks slowing it down, breaking the ribbons, or even rendering the cards unusable.
This is why the frequency and quality of cleaning are essential to ensuring full print quality as well as to extending the lifespan of your Badgy printer.

How to clean the Badgy printer?

Here is a video which explains how to clean your card printer, step by step. A cleaning kit is supplied with the Badgy printer. When it runs out, restock at your retailer.

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Accreditation Management for concerts and festivals
Accreditation Management for concerts and festivals

When organising a festival, it is important to be able to identify people, so as to extend the best possible welcome to them. In order to facilitate accreditation management for all participants, the Badgy solution is a simple, fast and effective way of printing badges for them.
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